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When Mr Spencer is too busy

As you may remember, I wrote, during the ‘Islamo-Fascism’ week campaign, to the organisers and supporters of this event questioning their a-historical use of Fascism (something that they never experienced neither directly nor indirectly) but of which they seem to be great experts in every sense.

Today, I found, by chance, that the lack of an answer to my rather old post, was not, as I assumed, a clear evidence of ‘menefreghismo’ of fascist memory, or a clear dismissal of an academic discussion on the issue, but actually a matter of time. Indeed, today we can read Spencer replying to one of his worshipers,


Thanks. I hadn’t seen that first one before. It is patronizing, but I may answer his questions if time permits at some point. One glaring problem is that he ignores my many statements about how many, if not most, Muslims have no interest in waging jihad, and pretends that I think most or all do. […]’

Of course, I hope that Mr Spencer can find the time to debate, correctly and academically, the topic with me and also clarify why I am ‘patronizing’ only for, as I have done with Dr MacEoin, daring to ask questions. Continue reading