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Dr Gabriele Marranci is an anthropologist by training. He has worked at the Department of Anthropology, Macquarie University, Sydney. Previously he was an Associate Professor at UWS, Australia, and then the Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore as well as Aberdeen University, Scotland.

Currently, he is also an Honorary Associate Professor at the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK, Cardiff University as well as a member of the International Research Network on Multiculturalism, Deakin University.
Dr Marranci is an expert in psychological and neuro-anthropology of emotions as well as the anthropology of deviance. His internationally acknowledged as an expert in Islam, in particular concerning youth life, gender, identity, and criminology.

Dr Marranci has widely published on these topics in peer-reviewed journals. He is the author of five monographs, Jihad beyond Islam (2006, London, New York: Berg), The Anthropology of Islam, (2008, London, New York: Berg), Understanding Muslim Identity, Rethinking Fundamentalism (2009, London, New York: Palgrave Macmillan) and Faith, Ideology and Fear: Muslim Identities Within and Beyond Prisons (2009, London: Continuum Books), and Wars of Terror (2016 Bloomsbury Books).
Dr Gabriele Marranci has conducted three years of research in Singapore and Malaysia concerning the practice of female circumcision (i.e. FGM). He has been the first and, at present, the only scholar to have studied the phenomenon in Singapore.

The result of his research has been published in the article titled Female circumcision in multicultural Singapore: The hidden cut published in the Australian Journal of Anthropology (2014). Dr Marranci has been able to conduct sensitive and challenging research, such as the most extensive and in-depth research in the British and Scottish prisons, research on radical and extreme groups, as well as sensitive research focusing on gender.
He has founded the international journal Contemporary Islam: Dynamics of Muslim Life, published by Springer, of which he has been the editor for ten years. He has also been the co-founder of the book series Muslim in Global Societies.

Dr Marranci has international experience as a consultant on matters related to deviance, criminology, as well as Muslim lives and Islam. He has been an expert witness for court cases in both the UK and Australia and provided advice to several international governments on matters of national security.
Dr Marranci has supervised students in a variety of topics related to emotions, identity, with a particular focus on deviance, extremisms and global challenges.

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