Plutocracy of blood? Afghanistan post-election

How much blood has been spilled in Afghanistan? It is very difficult to say; official estimates speak of an improbable 12,000 to a more probable, but still conservative, 32,000 casualties. Of these deaths, the "insurgents" of various affiliations (so not only the Taliban) would have been responsible, according to very conservative statistics, for almost a... Continue Reading →

Between naiveté and intellectual dishonesty: debating Shari‘a in the UK

Recently in the UK the debate, started by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s comments on the so-called Shari‘a Law, has seen a new wave of discussion following the publication of Sharia Law or 'One Law For All by the controversy-seeking  conservative think tank Civitas. The author of the report, Dr Denis MacEoin, is not new to readers of my blog and... Continue Reading →

Universities hotbeds of Islamic radicalism?

Recently, two British scholars, Dr. June Edmunds and Prof. Anthony Glees have clashed over the popular topic of Islamic extremism within, in this case, British universities. This has been since 2006 a very 'hot' topic for the press and a long term 'hot potato' for deans at universities. Yet for some students and researchers, it has turned into a... Continue Reading →

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