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Looking at Europe from Asia

Finally I have reached my destination and I am fully connected so that I can now go back to my blog after nearly two months of neglect. I am in Singapore, at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. My new office has a window which faces the Botanic Gardens, since Bukit Timah campus is actually within the garden itself. I have a nice view of nature and modernity from my 9th floor window. The UK and Europe are distant. Yet in this increasingly globalized world nothing is really as distant as it used to be. Continue reading

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The “vu cumprà” and the fishing crisis in Senegal

Recently I have been in Italy. Many things have changed since I was last there. Yet one of the features of the hot Italian summers, the so called ‘vu cumprà’ (literally ‘do you want to buy?’) were indefatigably patrolling the empty streets of Italian cities or the busy shores of the increasingly expensive (and restrictive) bathing establishments.The so called ‘ vu cumprà’ are in majority Senegalese immigrants, whom use the summer to sell their, often fake, products while looking for a more remunerative job, or while trying to collect enough money to send to their families for the winter. It is not a nice work to do, particularly in a country such as Italy that is facing a very aggressive anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim campaign. To be Senegalese means to be both.

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