Burqu’ing freedom: the danger of ‘moral civilizing’

The year 2010 appears to be marked by the ‘war on burqas’ (the Switzerland minarets being an exception). While Belgium has formally moved to ban niqabs and burqas, Italy used regional laws to fine Muslim women using niqabs, and Quebec has imposed a ban for anyone wearing one to enter government places, including hospital and... Continue Reading →

The three new ‘I’s of Italy: Ignorance, Intolerance and Injustice

As many of you know, I am in Singapore enjoying the multi-ethnic and religious diversity of this city-state. I have also enjoyed different styles of communities’ hospitality. All marked by respect for the guest (in my case an evident foreigner) and friendly smiles. Many people here dress in their traditional clothes, their religious symbols, and... Continue Reading →

Looking at Europe from Asia

Finally I have reached my destination and I am fully connected so that I can now go back to my blog after nearly two months of neglect. I am in Singapore, at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. My new office has a window which faces the Botanic Gardens, since Bukit Timah campus is actually within... Continue Reading →

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