And if Hitler were born in America?

Few people, both in the US and in the rest of the world, may know that the US has had its own Nazi Party, which under other different names (such as the Social Revolutionary Party) is still very active. I do not have statistics about how many Americans read or have read Mein Kampf, and... Continue Reading →

Hamas or Hamas not? The Prodi dilemma

After many years, I came back to Italy during the summer. As many of you may have noticed, I have been on holiday even from my blog. Yet today I have decided to make an exception and comment on a debate that for three days (from 13th of August to the 15th) has made the... Continue Reading →

The UCU Academic Boycott of Israel

On 30 May 2007 the British Academics’ Union (University and College Union) passed a motion at its annual congress urging lecturers to “consider the moral implications of existing and proposed links with Israeli academic institutions.” Under the terms of the motion the union must now circulate calls for a boycott of Israeli universities to all of its branches for discussion. If adopted, the boycott initiative could see academics no longer writing for journals published by Israeli universities and refusing travel to Israel for conferences. As member of the UCU, I regret that some of my colleagues have decided to pass this disgraceful motion, and I will do my best to oppose it. I can also preannounce that in case the motion reaches the approval of the majority of the UCU, I shall resign from the union. I will explain below my decision as well as what I think the UCU can do to improve the intellectual life of our Palestinian and Israeli colleagues who find themselves trapped in one of the most painful conflicts.

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