Reporting terrorism: a reflection

It has been reported that a thirty-one-year old British Muslim stashed four home-made explosive devices, as well as bullets, swords, axes and knives in his flat. The police had found potentially lethal bladed weapons, 34 bullets for a .22 calibre firearm, and printouts from the internet about committing acts of terrorism. He had planned to... Continue Reading →

The Anthropology of Islam

Finally my second book, The Anthropology of Islam, will be available at the end of this month. I wish to share with you a short excerpt from the beginning of the Introduction. This is an Elenchos (from the ancient Greek ’έλεγχος) which refers to question–answer dialogue that aims to clarify a topic through deconstructing other... Continue Reading →

When Mr Spencer is too busy

As you may remember, I wrote, during the ‘Islamo-Fascism’ week campaign, to the organisers and supporters of this event questioning their a-historical use of Fascism (something that they never experienced neither directly nor indirectly) but of which they seem to be great experts in every sense. Today, I found, by chance, that the lack of... Continue Reading →

Good aim, bad target

Admiral Sir Alan West, the new security minister, informs us, citizens of the UK, that the ‘terror fight’ may take fifteen years’ . I have no idea of how this estimate has been done. Yet I can praise the Admiral for his clear criticism of the foolish Bush-Blair terminology, such as ‘War on Terror’. Indeed,... Continue Reading →

The Marc of Stain Glass

Before last Monday, the question ‘Who is Marc Mulders?’ would have been perfect for ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire.’ Think about sitting there on that high chair, amidst soft bluish lights and one question away from the million. The question: ‘Who is Marc Mulders? A) Writer B) Artist C) Famous Viking Leader D) Politician’.... Continue Reading →

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