Anti-liberal attempts: between burqa and criticism demonization

Yesterday, the British Parliament debated the ban of a garment, something that the British Parliament had not discussed since Victorian times. This time it was not the length of skirts or sleeves that the honorable parliamentarians addressed, but rather the well known (but rarely seen in western cities) burqa; banned in France, threatened in the... Continue Reading →

Prayer bumps, Muslim haters, and the danger of scientific popularization

Recently I came across a short article titled: The Muslim 'prayer bump' and Traumatic Brain Injury. Since I am interested in both religion as well as neuroscience, I eagerly read the short post. To my disappointment, I had to conclude that this was another, yet more sophisticated and insidious, attempt to demonstrate that Islam has horrible consequences for practising individuals. The gist of the article is as follows. Muslims pray five times... Continue Reading →

For the benefit of the eyes

Today we can add another top news headline to the long list of what I call ‘the veil idiosyncrasy’. Ian Murray, a judge, refused to deal with the case of Zoobia Hussain, a entirely veiled defendant. He argued that he could not have been sure of the defendant’s identity, and left the court in a... Continue Reading →

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