Announcing the Study Contemporary Muslim Lives Research Hub at Macquarie University

As director, I am pleased to inform you that today the website for the Study Contemporary Muslim Lives Research Hub at Macquarie University was officially launched.
Study Contemporary Muslim Lives (SCML) is a research hub based within the Department of Anthropology at Macquarie University. It undertakes research on social, cultural and political aspects of contemporary Muslim communities and societies and is committed to the advancement of social scientific understandings of Muslim lives in different social and geographical contexts through excellent empirical research, scholarly publications, and active postgraduate programs.
SCML also has, among other activities, a Visiting Scholar Program. SCML welcomes applications from academics who want to carry out research as visiting scholars at Macquarie University. Visitors participate in and enrich the research-intensive and vibrant communal life of the Research Hub, which is part of the Department of Anthropology.
Members of SCML publish in a wide range of fields. They are recognized national and international leaders in their fields and have a strong and influential publication record. Publications of individual members may be found on their academic profiles.
Study Contemporary Muslim Lives is part of the dynamic strategy for research excellence @Macquarie. The SCML members conduct research on Muslim communities and societies focusing on global, regional and local realities and are committed to the highest quality, policy relevant, research. Their innovative research has attracted public and private funding  and created a strong intellectual environment based on internal and external multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.
Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more, interested in collaboration, or if you have an enquiry about postgraduate studies.
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