Official Webpage and Cardiff University Honorary Position

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Dear all, I am pleased to inform you that I have now an official webpage at my domain My blog remains here at,  at my webpage you can find a link to it and you can also subscribe to the feed if you wish. The website will be updated regularly, particularly the multimedia section, in which you can find photos, audio and video podcasts, some including presentations at seminars and conferences. In the publications section you can find the links to not only the book or article, but also – when available – to the text or part of it (some of which can be downloaded). Among other things, you can follow my calender of events where I will post events of interest in my field of research and, of course, where I am going to present my research. The webpage is very simple and surely lacks many of the bells and whistles popular today. Yet my intention is not only to reach friends and readers (including students) who have the fortune of living in high speed internet areas, but also those who still, like in some of the places I have conduced fieldwork, consider themselves lucky if they have  a 56Kb dial-up modem. Here lies also the reason for offering some of the articles and links to chapters in the edited books (thanks to google books). Unfortunately, although I would like to, I cannot provide more than an example-chapter of my book (normally the introduction). I have edited the picture, you can recognized  two elements: Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man,  and the faces of different human ethnic groups. Leonardo da Vinci was a fellow Florentine, and the Vitruvian Man wishes to represent the connection between the proportions of the human body and the universe.  I strongly believe that we cannot study the anthropos without taking into consideration the overall environment in which s/he lives. We, as anthropologist needs to reconsider the universal elements of being humans.  Your feedback about the webpage is very welcome.

I am also pleased to announce that Cardiff University has awarded me with an Honorary Senior Research Fellowship within the school of Religious and Theological Studies and made me a member of the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK . Since I remain, at present,  based on ‘the other side of the world’ in Singapore, I consider the Centre my European academic base from which new collaborations and  exchanges can be envisaged and organized. I wish to thank Cardiff University for this opportunity and the School of Religious and Theological Studies, but in particular my colleague and friend Dr Sophie Gilliat-Ray for this opportunity of working with the Centre and for the interest in my work. The Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK has an impressive number of active research projects and recently has achieved a collective research grant amounting to over £1,000,000. Some of the research projects can be found here. Certainly one of the best research centers specializing on Muslim communities in the UK, it also offers different and well structured  doctoral supervision programs.

I am at the beginning of this collaboration, but ideas for conferences and research are starting to develop and I am sure that they will be marked by an innovative discourse about Muslim communities both in the West and Southeast Asia.

If we observe the study of Muslim communities today, it is difficult to find a comparative approach between two particular regions such as Southeast Asia and Western countries. In this phase of my research I am trying to develop such a comparative approach. The fact that I am based in an excellent university such as NUS (National University of Singapore) and the dynamic Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK makes this project, although challenging, easier to realize. If you are interested in being involved in this comparative approach or interested in conducting your PhD with a bi-focused Southeast Asia-Western research, you are more than welcome to contact me.

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