The three new ‘I’s of Italy: Ignorance, Intolerance and Injustice

As many of you know, I am in Singapore enjoying the multi-ethnic and religious diversity of this city-state. I have also enjoyed different styles of communities’ hospitality. All marked by respect for the guest (in my case an evident foreigner) and friendly smiles. Many people here dress in their traditional clothes, their religious symbols, and speak their ethnic languages. Nobody fears the other as everybody is the ‘other’ to somebody else. Singapore can only survive if this delicately balanced harmony is maintained and preserved. To do so, one word is essential: respect.We should be honest, Singapore has its issues and problems. Racism exists, stereotypes are strong, foreigners are not always loved. Yet I live in an ordinary HDB (Public housing), stay with ordinary people and eat at ordinary food stalls, and the degree of ‘respect’ and ‘tolerance’ for the ‘other’ surely is at the highest level I have encountered in a modern society.

The interesting thing is that Singapore is pregnant with religions, rites and believers. Mosques are built one after another and there is a shari’a court and various Muslim associations, but even Robert Spencer would have a problem to argue that ‘Singaporeans are dhimmis’. There are issues and problems, but they are not discussed in the news papers, they are not exaggerated by the mass media; they are managed and controlled. It is the rational, planned, successful management of society and social life that helps to maintain the essential harmony which Singapore needs for its prosperity.

If Singapore were to experience even half of what is happening in Italy, the social economic engineering which makes Singapore one of the most successful countries in the region and world, would collapse. The truth is that, in such scenario, nobody would gain and everybody would lose. 

Indeed, in Italy, in a new and unrecognisable Italy, everybody is losing. Yet only few Italians seem to notice this. Italy is today probably the most concerning and least friendly country of the EU, marked by the return, from bottom-up, of a fascination with a defeating, and defeated, past called Fascism. Notwithstanding the similarity in the terminology, dress styles, and references (the Lega Nord, the most social nationalist party of Italy, has ‘green shirts’ only because it cannot refer to brown ones), this revival of fascism is not like the historical one.

The progressive stages of xenophobia that has marked the home of pizza and ‘bel canto’ began with the fear of Muslims and their cultures. The great majority of Italians, though not hating Muslims, have formed chimerias about Islam. Fallaci helped after September 11 to develop them from ‘concerns’ and ‘fear’ of a different unknown religion, to hate for whomever practiced that religion. She wished to bomb mosques, or at least one of them. Although Fallaci and others (in particular within the Lega Nord ) were responsible for, not always cleverly disguised, ideological incitement toward violence, there were other individuals who decided (as usually happens) to make real, what Fallaci and others fantasised about.

The reality is that Italians, the majority of them, do not care. Too busy with economic issues and social instability, endemic unemployment, workers alienation and unbelievable exploitation (my sister had to work without salary for months as ‘probation’ before she was granted a temporary contract of three months), the majority of  Italians remain silent; a minority celebrated the beginning of  the new crusades, and a few others, often from the radical left, protested. Lega Nord, with the European MP Mario Borghezio took part in the planned, but than forbidden, Nazi event against Islam organized in Cologne. An event that even Robert Spencer felt the need to distance himself from and rejected.

Lega Nord is a social nationalist, populist party, and a dangerous one, whose main force comes from the fear of others and the idea that immigrants can take over the white-celtic man. Vulgar in its language, reminiscent  in its populism of Fascism,  Lega Nord, mixes a fake Celticism (to replace Aryanism) with a new idea of the— again fake and historically nonexistent— superior nation, the Padania, Lega Nord shifts recently from targeting mainly Muslims to all not-white (hence non-Celtic) foreigners. 

Italy today is experiencing an unprecedented (and unusual in its violence even during historical fascism before the German-imposed racial laws) racism and xenophobia. So unexpected and violent has been the phenomenon that even a post-Fascist like Gianfranco Fini (today president of the Parliament) had to raise the alarm. There is no area of Italian civil society which has not been affected by this new wind of xenophobia and violent racism.

Recently during the match for the World Cup qualification in Sofia, the Italian supporters started to invoke the ‘Duce’, sung  ‘Fascist songs’ and attacked the hosts because they were ‘communist’, despite the historical changes in Bulgaria. Children are not spared from this white supremacist new culture: finger prints for little Roma (Gypsy) even when they are Italian, vandalism of children’s work representing their perception of multiculturalism, attempts to form ‘migrants only’ classrooms and impose an ‘Italian-ness test’ for entry into Italian schools on children of legal migrants. I have been informed of racism within school and even Sunday Church schools.

What began as a hate for a religion, Islam, has moved on to race, ethnicity and old fashioned hatred of different skin colours. Of course, this is the normal development of Islamophobic campaigns, they, despite the fact that Robert Spencer may dislike this, end in white supremacism, dislike for liberal democracy, racism and often, in the worst of cases, genocide. Indeed, the history of the Holocaust provides the best example of this  progression: from the dislike of a religion, Judaism, to the dislike of an entire population, the Jews, to the extermination of them and also the other ‘undesired’ elements of the ‘nation’. 

Why is Italy swiftly stepping back into the darkness of its tragic history? After my month-long visit to Italy this past summer, I can say that we may find the reason in what has been a long process involving three ‘I’s: Ignorance, Intolerance and Injustice. Italians are, among the Europeans, those who are less familiar with other cultures and religions.

I have checked the bookshelves in popular bookshops as well as the suggested reading in university courses – even those, often pretentiously, entitled ‘World Religions’ or ‘anthropology’ – and found much to be desired. The mass media do not help either. There is a lack of correct information about religions and other cultures, and very few documentaries. The mass media, and politicians, indirectly, or even directly as in the case of Lega Nord, use the fear and ignorance of Italians for political and monetary gain.  In other words, ignorance (in the Latin meaning of to ‘ignore’) is just as widespread as intolerance.  

Italians in the past twenty years, though having experienced a very different kind of migration to that of France or the UK since migrants tend not to settle in Italy but use it as point of passage, have never addressed the situation. Migration was something Italians used to, and today again do, perform. I am a product of it. But in a country which is suffering an identity, economic, and social crisis, tolerance is a distant word. Indeed, Italians often do not tolerate even each other (e.g. Capanilismo), how can they learn, without the right educational programs both at school and in the media, to learn about others? Intolerance, for more or less everything and everybody, is becoming for a consistent minority of Italians, a trade mark like Ferrari or Valentino. 

The last ‘I’ is part of the long history of Italy. Injustices (social injustice, political injustice, economic injustice and even juridical injustice) have marked the history of Italy with both well known events as well as unknown stories. Italy is far behind other European states. I can speak for the reality, for example, of prisons. Compared to the European prison systems, an Italian prison shares more in common with a Turkish one than, for instance, a British one. Of course, in such a contest, it is not surprising that at the top of the experience of injustice we find immigrants, in particular those classified as ‘nero’  (Blacks). Racism and xenophobia is unsurprisingly used even by Mafia to scare, and hence control, immigrant workers (and possibly to force them into criminal activity). 

The three ‘I’s of Italy are helping to develop a new Italian society, fragile, fearful, and missing, beyond the issues that exist, the real opportunities of a changing global world. Italy is missing the advantages of a multi-ethnic society and only experiencing the issues that this may entail. The alarmist culture that has existed for a decade within the country, is defeating rationalism. Lacking a real sense of national identity, Italians seem increasingly to believe that it is only by ‘excluding’, when not ‘executing’, the different and the other, that the decaying Italic society can survive. Gone are the times when Italians believed that their creativity, sense of business, fantasy and intelligence could make their country renown and loved. Italy, in reality, never recovered from Fascism.

Indeed, the Cold War froze the political life of the country. Only from 1992 could Italy face new political challenges, and this continuous instability has defrosted what WWII defeated, and then the Cold War had frozen. Today we can see the development of this, still unknown, but surely dangerous, Italian hydra, which is fighting with its different heads. We cannot know, at this stage, which one will be left, but the glimpse that we have makes me fear for the worst.  

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  2. You are thinking of islam as a religion. I am thinking of it as a military/political operation. In fact i discount worship in Islam as just so much window dressing.

    I have read enough history to know that no one has behaved very well. I have read enough muslim opinion to know that aggression is never admitted.

  3. Maybe it was the numbers. Hundreds of prostitutes, pushers, protestants or Hindus would not be welcome either.

    Maybe it is the history. Muslims have been driven out of Europe before. Muslims have attacked the West again and again, maybe it is that they are coming round yet again that makes them unwelcome.

    Raving muslims that want to take over the world are nothing new. Same old, same old.

    1. humm again, maybe you have to read more books of history and see whom started the crusades…
      Europeans have colonized, killed, exterminate and genocides others as no other human group has done on the entire planet. If you wish to use the simplistic idea that people act out and engage in wars because of their own religions, I regret to say that no other religion has killed more, committed genocide and exterminated entire civilizations than peaceful Christianity.
      Of course, I still think that this reasoning is misleading and useless since it is not ‘religion’ that kills, but human beings.
      Best wishes

  4. How do you think Singapore would have handled a massive muslim public “pray-in” in front of some huge beloved landmark of theirs?

    1. Dear Eliza,

      thanks for your comment. Actually you gave me a good idea for a future post which I want to write. You are right, in Singapore nobody, regardless of ethnic, political or religious affiliations, would be able to organize such an event. However, this is the point “nobody”. The main difference with Italy, however, is that Muslims here have their space, many mosques, organizations with a voice, representation in the parliament and so forth. The prime minister of Singapore called for a ceasefire immediately and his position was very clear and balanced. Muslims hold prayers in their very well equipped and beautiful mosques and have the same rights, and duties, as any other citizen.

      I think that Italy, as I have written elsewhere on this blog, falls short of any attempt to provide safe places of worship, meaningful management of communities or give voice to the moderate views of Islam. In Singapore, nobody would protest about or see the building of a minaret as ‘an attack on civilization’. In Italy, it becomes an excuse to victimize thousands of people, instigate racism and promote white supremacism. Surely, I prefer a Singaporean “security for all” approach; this however means to make space for the minority and show some respect to them.

      In any case, I have not understood the scandal about having Muslims pray in front the Milan cathedral when it is not unusual to see Hare Krishna dancing in front of it, while couples kiss on the stairs, tourists visit the church while more naked than dressed, and not very distant from there, prostitutes sell themselves and pushers sell death. I am sure that some really religious Christians may prefer to have Muslims pray in the “sagrato” square to the same God that they pray to inside the church, rather than the profanities that normally happen around there!

  5. The penalties in Singapore for disorder are harsher than the West. If you urinate on a cathedral or assault kuffar on the sidewalk, they will beat you half to death.

  6. Herr Professor,

    I made an effort towards erudition, now it’s up to you making an effort to reply to my previous questions.


  7. chi è ‘n quel foco che vien sì diviso
    (who is in the burning fire flames)
    di sopra, che par surger de la pira
    (up from the pyre)
    dov’ Eteòcle col fratel fu miso?».
    (where Eteocle and his brother lying)
    Rispuose a me: «Là dentro si martira
    (he replied to me: over there the martyrdom)
    Ulisse e Dïomede, e così insieme
    (Ulisses and Diomede, both together)
    a la vendetta vanno come a l’ira;
    (used to revenge and anger)
    e dentro da la lor fiamma si geme
    (and the flames burns them)
    l’agguato del caval che fé la porta
    (the horse deception to the trojan gate)
    onde uscì de’ Romani il gentil seme.
    (where the roman progeny comes from)

    Dante, canto XXVI inferno – consiglieri fraudolenti (fraudulent advisors)

  8. Professor,

    Do not worry about my time. It is up to me to manage it.
    You say I use the insult frequently, that’s true, but you said :
    “take time to think and reflect”
    that I practically have a weak mind”
    “you have to learn not to insult your brain”
    Words,words… and no reply to the real questions I ask you. Just arrogance together with that sense of superiority that irritates the normal person that lives normally day by day. Trying to discuss with people like you is not impossible , it is useless.

    Fuck you

    1. ….e la lor cieca vita è tanto bassa,
      [And this blind life they lead is so abject ]
      che ’nvidïosi son d’ogne altra sorte.
      [ it makes them envy every other fate. ]

      Fama di loro il mondo esser non lassa;
      [The world will not record their having been there;]
      misericordia e giustizia li sdegna:
      [Haven’s mercy and its justice turn from them.]
      non ragioniam di lor, ma guarda e passa
      [Let’s not discuss them; look and pass them by ]

      Dante, Canto III 47-51

  9. Marrancy, sorry but I ‘ve forgot one thing reading better your…reply:

    I have not located singapore in france. I simply replied to a link in an post “looking at europe from asia”, whose article says that italy has a racist culture.This article comes from a french editor. So I replied to him (and also to you) through your blog.
    Herr professor, together with a poor knowledge of the hystory you do not have a knowledge of your blog.
    Your human case deserve only pity.


    1. Aronne, I have the impression that you have lots of time to waste.
      Anyhow, whoever read your comment, since you never mentioned or refereed to the link, can only understand the ‘you’ as ‘Prof. Marranci”, which is the subject of your post.

      Take time to think and reflect instead of just trying to offend people. Only the weakest minds feel the needs to ‘offend’ others.

  10. Professor Marranci,

    frankly speaking: based on what you say, it seems to me that you cannot be a professor or doctor or something similar.If this is the case I’m sorry for having told you that you are an idiot.
    If it is not the case, I mean you really are a professor, I have to double my insult.
    You say I’m a Lega nord supporter. Have I ever stated so up to now?

    You say that you didn’t say Lega Nord is a nazi party. Who said in the first comment that Lega Nord is a social nationalist party? Do you really enjoy yourself to play upon words? I’m not a professor but as far as I know “social nationalist” sounds like national socialist (nazist).

    Lega Nord loves Haider? Have you ever thought that Lega Nord could respect Mr. Haider just for the fact that he got lots of votes from austrians?

    Do you really think that Lega Nord wanted formerly participate to the Cologne gathering? or just Borghezio wanted to participate?

    Have I ever state I support Haider or Neo Nazi movements?

    You define Lega Nord as dangerous party, whose supporters dresses with green shirts instead of the brown ones. Do you think that using these words you really do not want to accuse Lega Nord to be a nazi party?

    You said that The Lega nord is a populist party.
    Did you now that it is the oldest party in the italian parliament?
    Did you know it has hundreds of mayors in the northern italian territory?
    Did you know that Lega Nord is the only party that pushes the parliament for making true reforms?
    Did you now that the Lega nord headquarters in Milan was assaulted by police without any constitutional law some years ago?

    You said that the north of Italy (The Padania) has to be a superior nation in the Lega nord supporters mind.
    Could you mention any statement that proves so?

    You talk about a fake celticism.
    Herr Professor, never studied the history?
    Truly you do not know that before the Romans arriving,the northern part of Italy was largely inhabited by Celts and by ligures and venetians as well?

    You said that a northern state never existed. Oh yes, herr professor, this time you are right.
    As far as you know, there was no life before the grouping of the territories into the new states in the past?
    Of course a northern state never existed up to now but do you think that in this territory there is not a common way of living (idem sentire) completely different from that of other part of Italy, in particular from the south?
    Do you remember in the middle age when my lombard ancestors traded in London and founded the “comuni heritage” and yours from Tuscany created the “rinascimento”?……how the italian southerner regions were involved in these two important facts?
    Herr professor, do you know that all the main statistics (see ISTAT) show two nations (north and south) in one state (italy)?

    Now, after reading my words, I give you two alternatives.
    1) I’m a Lega Nord supporter
    2) I’m not a Lega nord supporter but simply I love my
    country and above all I love the truth.
    Which of these two are true?


    1. Dear Aronne,

      Normally I do not like people who feel the need to ‘insult’ others or even, as you say, ‘double insult’. By nature, I really do not care about ‘insults’, I care about ideas, knowledge, as well as respectful debate. I hate any form of propaganda and propagandist rhetoric, including blind nationalism.

      Anyhow, before insulting others, I suppose that you have to learn not to insult your brain: As we can read in this comment you have located Singapore in France in a post titled Looking at Europe from Asia showing that not only you do not know that Singapore is not in France, but also that you do not know what and where Asia is.
      Due to this, I suppose that you have to start from the basics before we can speak of ‘Rinascimento” and the contribution of the South and Arab world to it.

      thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. Prof.Marranci,

    The Lega Nord is like the nazi party?
    Pls, herr Professor, mention at least on racist act done by lega supporters since 1978 to now.
    I do not see any southerner italians dicriminated, nor immigrants or their mosques burned…in your heading you mention the “three i”but I think you forgot the fourth “i”, i like idiot, like you.


    1. Dear Aronne,

      thank you very much for your kind comment and for expressing your view. I think that you do not read very much and maybe you are misinformed, or possibly just a blind supporter of the Lega Nord and company.
      I did not say that the Lega Nord is a Nazi political party, but certainly they are very flirty with fascist and Nazi movements in Europe. They loved Haider and they were among the few to really be part of the gathering in Cologne of far-right European extremists (which even Robert Spencer has condemned!).
      Now, I might be an idiot according to you and your views, but I do not understand people like you whom are ready to support Haider or neo-Nazi movements like the one which organized the Cologne white supremacist march, and at the same time are shy to define themselves and their ideas for what they really are. In my home, people like that tend to be called hypocrites.

      Best wishes

  12. Dear IO (aka Mino from Naples)

    thank you for your elegant and stylish (yet surely brief and concise) comment. I see that you are not a person of many words. Sometime, however, “il silenzio e’ d’oro” [silence is gold]

    have a nice day

  13. Dear all,

    although sheik yer’mam was not able to help me with my technical problem, somebody else has forward me some of the comments that were published together with this post before I lost them; unfortunately, the majority of those recovered are dealing with my exchange with sheik yer’mami a




    Oct 15

    It is the rational, planned, successful management of society and social life that helps to maintain the essential harmony which Singapore needs for its prosperity.

    This is one of the problems I have with reading various blogs and websites from the UK and Australia in particular. Lots and lots of complaints about how “multiculturalism” doesn’t work. But it does, and the Singapore model proves it. The cases of Singapore and, to a lesser degree, Malaysia show that these multicultural societies can exist with relatively few problems. Yes, the governments can act with a heavy hand sometimes, but the results speak for themselves. Let’s face it, SE Asia could be a potential tinderbox with the multitude of religions and ethnicities. And, in the past, there were riots that led to the government taking firmer actions. But, as you’ve seen, we are all “other” here. But we also know (for the most part) about each others’ religions, cultures, foods, and so on. The differences between European and Asian respect and tolerance for the other has struck me as rather profound, and it makes me wonder if something is lacking in the European character or cultural upbringing that make them so lacking in your three “I’s.”

    BTW, I’d still like to meet up with you if I can; please send me an e-mail.


    This is one of the problems I have with reading various blogs and websites from the UK and Australia in particular. Lots and lots of complaints about how “multiculturalism” doesn’t work. But it does, and the Singapore model proves it. The cases of Singapore and, to a lesser degree, Malaysia show that these multicultural societies can exist with relatively few problems. Yes, the governments can act with a heavy hand sometimes, but the results speak for themselves. Let’s face it, SE Asia could be a potential tinderbox with the multitude of religions and ethnicities. And, in the past, there were riots that led to the government taking firmer actions. But, as you’ve seen, we are all “other” here. But we also know (for the most part) about each others’ religions, cultures, foods, and so on. The differences between European and Asian respect and tolerance for the other has struck me as rather profound, and it makes me wonder if something is lacking in the European character or cultural upbringing that make them so lacking in your three “I’s.”BTW, I’d still like to meet up with you if I can; please send me an e-mail.


    Excerpted and linked at under the headline “Italy today where America will be if campaign to sow Islamophobia among population succeeds”


    ” There are issues and problems, but they are not discussed in the news papers, they are not exaggerated by the mass media; they are managed and controlled. It is the rational, planned, successful management of society and social life that helps to maintain the essential harmony”Wonderful, Marranci! You just knocked yourself out.A totalitarian nightmare as replacement theory to the first and second amendment?Buona Notte!


    Dear sheik yer’mamiBuongiorno! I am sorry but to define Singapore a “totalitarian nightmare” is at least ridiculous if not childish. But I can understand that you have never been here.

    As far as the ‘the first and second amendment’, though I like the American constitution very much, I find that the US is one of those countries with a fantastic constitution (like Italy) but also a fantastic tradition of betraying it in many ways (including allowing torture).

    I do not think that in the US exists a total anarchic freedom of speech – there are lots of examples in which your government has decided to silence people and manage information. I’ll give you one example: Tariq Ramadan. Although I do not like so much his work, I find it interesting that he was stopped from entering the US. He does not advocate violence, but the US government, despite the fantastic “the first and second amendment”, decided to silence him in the US. He is not welcome in the US. This is a form of management, right?

    I can give you many examples of how US mass media is manipulated, managed and used to control people. There is an entire body of literature about it.

    Yet if another country decides to do so, you call it “a totalitarian nightmare”. I see inconsistency here.

    I am sorry, though I may like the American constitution, I do not see the US as a country above political manipulation of the mass media. To think that a couple of sentences such as the beautiful first and second amendment can protect you from that is just a dream.

    Selamat malam!


    Marranci, I lived and worked in Singapore when you were still in your diapers. In fact I spent my whole adult life in Asia! It just so happens that I belong to a family of ‘old China hands’ with family (business) in China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos & Vietnam dating back over 150 years!I hope you don’t have reading comprehension problems, Marranci: nowhere did I say “Singapore is a “totalitarian nightmare”- YOUR Ideas are. But then again, what can one expect from a ‘revert?’About frere Tariq: do you know that ‘reverts’ have to register their new-found ‘faith’ in Singapore and that they’re being monitored? Did you know that flogging is used as punishment for some offenses?You don’t have to give me any examples on how the US media is manipulated, Marranci. The best example is how the ‘liberal’ media shills for the Manchurian candidate, the Muslim Marxist Barack Hussein Obama. (rings a bell? It may not be skin color, but a lot of things you both have in common)Melanie Phillips can’t believe it, neither can I. But 605 (and counting) million (mostly petro-dollars) got him where he is. Hopefully not for long…Quote Melanie Philips: You have to pinch yourself. A Marxist radical, who all his life has been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power, anti-white racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President of the United States. And apparently it’s considered impolite to say so.I reject your derision of the first and second amendment, Marranci: both of which are constantly under assault by the liberal progressive elites and the PC-brigades. But I agree fully with you that nobody is above political manipulation by the mass-media. Then again, the fact that these laws are in place are a powerful deterrent to those who would usurp undue powers were they not there. A disarmed population is a neutered population.Peace!


    Dear sheik yer’mami Nice to know that you are an old Chinese. Since I am 35 years old, and you were ‘working in Singapore when I was ’still in my diapers’ – this making you probably very much senior than me. I surely respect ’senectute’, but I see that you are not trained in Aristotelic syllogisms: If I appreciate the way in which community relationships are ‘managed’ here in Singapore and for this reason my appreciation for it represents a “totalitarian nightmare”, hence, for you Singapore must be a ‘totalitarian nightmare’. Since I derive my ‘ideas’ (as you call them) from actually the practice here in Singapore, how can you not apply your “totalitarian nightmare” to Singapore itself? I see that you have a kind of ‘revert’ way of thinking. Second: “Do you know that ‘reverts’ have to register their new-found ‘faith’ in Singapore and that they’re being monitored?”Yes I know that indeed, though I do not have much evidence that they are more monitored than the rest of the poluation, so please if you have more info, pass it to me though my contact page, it may help my research. But in any case, do you think that this is wrong? I will be surprised if you say ‘Yes’. Third: “Did you know that flogging is used as punishment for some offenses?” Yes again, I know. And I would ask you: is this worse than the death penalty in the US (S’pore has death penalty but in proportion we cannot compare it with the amazing numbers of executions in the US which compete in proportion only with Saudi Arabia and China). So, since I am sure that you support, as anti-liberal, capital punishment, why do you find flogging so distasteful? Is it not another example of your ‘revert’ way of thinking? I am sure that, since you are a good American whom respects the constitution, if Obama wins you will respect him…or should I read the last part of your statement “A disarmed population is a neutered population” as sheik yer’mami’s fatwā against Obama?Wan Shang Hao!


    Ahh Marranci, always the arrogant schmuck and soo eager to prove it!I tried to explain to you what an “Old China Hand” is and you are making me an “old Chinese”- now what does that tell us about you? Turns out you were not even born when I was Rock’n Rollin’ around Singapore: 1970-2!No, Marranci: I don’t like how community relationships are “managed”- not at all. I don’t like interference and big government that seeks to rule and regulate every aspect of human life. I like freedom, just like you. But you abuse your freedom to advocate a totalitarian nightmare called Islam.Do I have evidence that Muslim ‘reverts’ are more monitored than the rest of the popluation in Singapore? Perhaps I do. But why would I pass it on to you? I hope the authorities are watching you and the people you hang out with.I have no problem with the death-penalty or with the U.S., Marranci. I have a problem with the fact that not one of the terrorists in Gitmo has been executed to date. I see subversion on a grand scale. I have a big problem with subversives and traitors who are perverting our society on a daily basis. Italians don’t want to lose their identity, that’s what they’re losing and they don’t like it. If that’s what you call ‘neo-faschism’ is still a million times better than Islamo-faschism. Italians will not lie down and allow the Muslims to roll over them. That’s a good thing.You’re a traitor to your country and your culture. That’s a bad thing.What are you hoping to gain by it?


    Dear sheik yer’mamiI see that you like Fascism (or neo-Fascism as you call it) and this is enough for me. I am sorry to know that you support the actions of Mussolini and Hitler and are ready to shift the target from Jews to Muslims (or maybe also the Jews). I now know that you are ready to do ‘whatever is needed’ to stop ‘Muslims’. My family and I have been anti-fascist for generations and we have visited many times the US cemetery near Florence to show our respect for the soldiers who died in Italy (many of whom where of Italian origin like me) and were fighting side by side with one of my grandfathers . I can also notice that you can name me by surname, but I cannot do likewise since you are hiding behind a very silly (like your songs) nickname, which in any case was not really so effective in hiding your real identity as, if am not wrong, Gavin King was able to reveal it . He has received death threats (like I had after just criticizing Mr Spencer) but I am still not hiding (and your people are no less dangerous than some of the crazy Muslim extremists, as Sandalo can show). You do not feel the need to put your name behind your words and you surely have not the courage that many others had. So please do not compare yourself to a Rushdie other than if this is just another pitiful joke like your song compilation.I, however, totally disagree with what Gavin King has done, as an anthropologist I know very well the importance of anonymity and it should be respected. If you fear your own actions and you are not proud of them and not ready to take risks for your ideas, well that tells a lot about you, your ideas and their values. In this, I respect more Robert Sepncer and company: they use their names and are more interesting to read. I hope the authorities are watching you and the people you hang out with.For sure, the ‘authorities’ are watching lots of the people with whom I hang out….maybe you have not understood what I normally research and with whom I tend to have contact! I am very happy for them to watch me. Differently from you (who hides behind a nickname), I have nothing to hide . Try to understand, this is my job; nothing more, nothing less. I am not campaigning or making money out of politics or blogs or songs, or anything else.By the way, with the level of hatespeech in your blog (and your comments in other blogs), has it ever crossed your mind that you may be actually watched quite a lot by ‘authorities’ ? Do you think that democratic people can really appreciate your style? I leave you with your world of hate, since it gives you great pleasure and lets you feel important (one does not need to be Freud to grasp it). Yet there is bad news for you: the world is changing and so the US will change (and OZ has already changed). It is matter of days, as you know, and you will have to smile at the first black American president (something I am sure will give you more stomach problems that the departure of John Howard). Space for hatemongers will become smaller and smaller like the space for the fanatic and radical Muslims, with whom you share more than just your Arabish nickname. My question however remains open: will people like you, when defeated by liberal democracy (which you clearly reject), accept it or rather embark on terrorist campaigns and use violence instead of hateful words? Are you, and like-minded people such as Sandalo, the future monsters that the US and the world will have to combat – like they once had to fight against in the 1940s?


    Marranci, your claims are as false as a 13 dollar bill and you know it. But no matter which way you spin and twist and turn, you’ll find that your arse always remains on your backside. Your claim that you received “death threats” is as false as the phony claims Gavin King made. If you did, why don’t you present them? Too many of us know about the dirty little games lefty sockpuppets and their Muhammedan masters play. And surely, your pathetic attempt at projection is typical for your ilk. Fact is that Muslims are religiously obligated to hate and kill those who stand in the way of their jihad to make the world Islamic, and your little spin in turning this around, accusing me and those who oppose this of “living in a world of hate” just doesn’t wash.I shall remind you that first things the Ayatollah Khomeini did, when he took the reigns in Iran some 28 years ago in Iran, was go after the useful idiots from the left who helped him to power. The second was to lower the age of marriage for girls to 9, because Aisha was nine when the prophet ‘consummated his marriage’ with her (and Khomeini promptly married a nine year old) because emulating Muhammad is of the greatest importance for every Muslim since he is ‘a perfect model of conduct for all time’- is he not? No doubt you agree.Myself, and the people who support me, are in the buisness of preserving liberal democracy, which has served us well and which you want to replace with sharia. If that makes me a ‘hater’ I can only pity you for your failed attempt in making sense.


    Dear sheik yer’mamiI am sorry, but the majority of democratic liberal people will find you a hatemonger whom even fears to show his real face. Extremism is extremism; whatever kind it remains dangerous. The majority of people would not have a problem to define you an extremist (and I am even surprised that you do not feel to be so). With the change that has taken place in the US your approach, you, and the people that support you have very few choices:1) continue with their (at this point after so many years of campaign) clearly ineffective propaganda of hate (illiberal and intolerant in its nature) 2)start a violent campaign (maybe targeting innocent Muslims as Sandalo had planned) in the hope to produce an extremist response and try to convince people that Muslims should be stopped with any means and Islam removed from planet earth, even if this means to go back to Nazism and Fascism and gas chambers. 3) start a terrorist campaign against ‘Eurabia’ and now according to you (since you believe that Obama is a Muslim) USrabia’ hoping to restore the ‘real’ ‘liberal democracy’ aka fascism (I am sure that if somebody kills President Obama you will celebrate the killer as a hero, and if he dies in the process, as a martyr). 4) give up and just have a barbeque where, all together with your supporters, you can sing the nice songs you sell on your website for $28.9. Do you have any other options? I do not think so. Have a nice recovery from the last presidential elections!


    Dearest Marranci,Projection:It is you who is opposing liberal democracy, not me.It is you and Muslims who are religiously obliged to change the existing democratic structure in order to replace it with a totalitarian regime called sharia, by any means including terror, not me.Naturally you would call Oriana Fallaci, Ayaan Ali Hirsi and Geert Wilders faschists?What a twisted wreck you are!


    Dear sheik yer’mamithank you for engaging in this interesting (and funny) debate. If I come in OZ I really would love to have a coffee with you. I like to debate with people that have firm and strong believes, even when I fully disagree with them and oppose them. Re-projection: I am sorry but if you are democratic, as you say, you have to recognize and accept the decision of the majority. The majority of people will find your approach distasteful and prone to incitement to violence, intolerant, and anti-liberal. This is the truth, and you cannot change it (or please show me that the majority of people in the democratic world will be ready to support your final solutions against Islam and Muslims). We can agree that there are some Muslim individuals and organizations which use extreme violence to change the world according to their, often delirious, visions.
    There are others, still Muslims, whom use violence for achieving nationalist goals. Yet you are not arguing or attacking them, you are just projecting hate towards all Muslims, their cultures (all of them though they are different) and Islam as religion (though as I have written in this blog, Islam. like any other abstract idea, does not exist in itself without a mind). Which is the difference between yours and the position of those Muslims above which hate the West (included the Muslims living in it) or democracy (even if it does not exist in itself as abstract idea)? Are not two faces of the same extremism and intolerance? Are not these approaches affected by the same mistakes which actually then lead to violence?


    Marranci, son of Italy:since when is mob-rule democracy? Since when is it justifiable to import a Muhammedan proletariat to replace the natives? Since when is an invasion by a foreign cult(-ure) that comes with the intention to out- breed the natives democracy? I beg to differ. Why is it a one way street with Socialists and Muhammedans who demand and demand without ever producing anything of value?Again, you are trying to put words in my mouth: I never called for a final solution of any kind. I do whatever is in my powers to stop Islam from spreading in the West by shining a light on it. By raising awareness. By exposing the horrors of the failed belief-system it is. That’s within the law. Understanding their strategy is the key to preventing the Islamic conquest and the final solution they are planning for us. No need to incite violence. But do you really believe the natives of Europe will not revolt if things continue the way they do at present?Do not compare Muslims with Jews, Marranci: Muslims are religiously obligated to kill Jews. Not the other way around. There is a difference. What does it mean: “you are ready to do ‘whatever is needed’ to stop ‘Muslims’”- those are not my words. But since you’re challenging me in this way, do you deny the right of Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists and Buddhists to defend themselves against Islamic oppression? Do you deny us the right to resist dhimmitude, forced conversions or death? I’m certainly anti-liberal, by which I mean your kind of liberalism that restricts my freedom of speech and expression. No, I never supported the actions of Mussolini or Hitler, in fact Hitler was very fond of Islam. You would know about the Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini who was planning and assisting the final solution with the Fuhrer?If you were truly anti-faschist you would be anti-Islam, Marranci. Finally: If hating FGM, honor-killing, child-rape, child marriage, forced marriage, stoning, misogyny, polygamy, terrorizing unbelievers, killing of apostates makes me a ‘hater’ I proudly follow Oriana Fallaci, a truly great Italian, and I quote:“As I have a God-given right to love, so do I have a right to hate those who want to take that away from me”- she was anti-faschist, Marranci. Not like you.


    Dear sheik yer’mamithank you for spending your surely busy time to debate with me. It is very much appreciated. You have a very strange idea of Fascism. But everybody can call fascism whatever they wish. As freedom of speech, I think that in this blog it is very much guaranteed, as you can see. I think that only the majority of people can decide, by reading what we write, behave and think, whom, between us, is the democratic and liberal and anti-fascist. I try only to communicate what I think and learn from my job as an anthropologist and scholar. I tend to discuss with everybody despite their ideas and creed. Indeed this makes my job so interesting. I am not involve in politics or conducting any campaign. I am not member of any organization or group. This is just my work that I like actually very much.have a nice day


    sheik y’rmummy said
    Muslims are religiously obligated to kill Jews. Not the other way around.I’ll leave Islam if u can prove ur statement. It is your chance don’t miss it.

  14. Dear sheik yer’mami

    that is a great news! Please, if you have them, post them here again if they are the comments that we discussed under this post.

    thanks a lot for your help.

  15. “Lost it’- Marranci? Hahaha!

    Would you like me to fix your ‘technical problems?’

    I cut and pasted the lot. Would you like me to post it off to you or would you like to discuss it on my blog?

  16. Dear Pual,
    Islam does not need apologists. It is a religion and as such does not exists. Show me Islam, please, if you can! I have expressed this concept in my work as well as in my book. Islam, in itself, does not exist. You need a mind; at least one. So, Islam exists in your mind. For this reason you are able to discuss it. I have discussed this here, if you wish to start a debate 🙂

    Comments: I have lost the comments of the last three posts, unfortunately. I have spent time (and you can believe me, as a very busy academic I have really little time) to engage in a civil debate with my “friend” Sheik yer mami. I am sorry that the debate has been lost. Also together with his comments (which were the minority of all comments) I lost all the others (even the one that were very supportive ).

    I was able to put back the posts but not the comments since if I put back the comments they just end all in my own name (indeed I tried!)

    If you have technical knowledge that can help me to retrieve the comments, I would be very glad if you can share with me. This blog is not host by me but by wordpress. I do not have its backup. I have only the posts that I have written (which are saved as html in my PC).

    The only reasons for which comments may be delated in my blog are: 1) they are offensive to a third party 2) they invite to commit crimes 3) they are clearly spam or with links that are spam. When the comment is off topic, I publish it in any case and ask the authors to redirect the discussion towards another post or another blog or another site.

    You may have also noticed that, in contrast with other blogs (such as Robert Spencer’s one) I never close the debate and stop the comments. Yet many people whom campaign against Muslims dislike comments and debate (as I have experienced in many blogs of the far right).

    In any case, check by yourself the reset of my blog and see the comments that are there (in particular the posts about Robert Spencer or Italy) then you will see that you have judged too quickly.

    Have a nice weekend.

  17. Well as an all too frequent apologist for Islam. I’m none too surprised that comments that were deeply critical of Islam were ‘lost’. Now this Sheik yer mami guy was initially extreme but his comments towards the end were on the money and he was winning the argument. Also these technical problems emerged just as you decided the debate was ‘wandering off topic’. Sheik yer mami did however accurately plot the link between Islamic terror/anti Semitism and Islamic scriptures/tradition. He is due credit for that. If you genuinely did suffer a technical fault and have not sought to quash opinions either yourself or your peers would deem inappropriate I apologise.

  18. Dear all,

    I am sorry to announced that for technical reasons, all the comments regarding this post have been lost. I am very sorry about that sicne there was a very lively debate. I hope that you will take time to offer other insight and debate


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