Italy: do not ask for a mosque but rather smoke your daily weed

It would be a good news, among the bad, if you were a Baye Faal Muslim of Gambia and, with your Muslim Rasta dreadlocks and ready to enjoy your daily dose of wisdom weed. Indeed, today you would have come to know that the Italian State, controlled by not-so-post fascist parties, may not allow you to have a real mosque to pray in, and oppose your constitutional right to have your freedom of religion respected, but recognise your right, as Bayee Faaal Muslim, to have your Afghani weed.
Today the Italian Cassazione (High Court) has decided that Rastafarians are allowed to posses and smoke high quantities of Marijuana (read here for an English short version of the story) despite the very restrictive Italian law.

I am wondering what the Daily Mail will make of this news. Well, of course, if the Rastafarians in question were the above mentioned Muslim Baye Faal of Gambia (and we have some in the UK for the happiness of anthropologists) the first page will be guaranteed and the Daily Mail’s daily screamers will write messages against the turbaned and veiled, Reggae-Adhan lovers threatening our healthy western ways of life and attempting, with their 0.00001% to make us stoned-Dhimmi.  What news!

Other dramatic news from the only country in the world to have ‘inked-finger Gypsy children’ thanks to one of the many miraclesperformed by the resurrected, self-proclaimed,‘Lord’s Anointed’ are left behind. Indeed, if the chilling exercise of fingerprinting of gypsy children, reminiscent of an 1939 black-shirted Italy, had space on the international media, the continued disruption of Muslim worship in Italy seems to pass unnoticed.

The local and central governments, in particular under the control of the xenophobic North League,  are closing mosques (or even destroying them) without providing alternative and viable  solutions, so much that (and this will not make happy the Catholic Robert Spencer) the Catholic Church felt that it had to complain, as in the case of Milan.

In some instances, the mosque, which was opened with the support of the previous local administration in Verona, and dedicated to the ‘contribution and success of the Italian Muslims” was destroyed and replaced with Piazza Fallaci. Notice that no one from the English mass media reported the story. Of course, Muslims have been left with no place to worship.

The minaret-phobic were, and are, celebrating on forums and blogs, celebrating Fallaci and at the same time fallaciously thinking that they are celebrating the victory of western liberal democracy against the Saladin; when in reality they have just helped the bin-Ladens to recruit more explosive people and threatened one of the many pillars of liberal democracy (freedom of religious worship). In these blogs you can read ridiculous comments such as “Viva “il fascio!”…As long as its not the Mussolini variety, that is. 😉”. I am sure that whomever wrote it, though not authorised by the Italian supreme judges, indulges in too many hours of wisdom weed meditation!

That Italy is a country which is going up in smoke (and trash) is, unfortunately well known. Yet I am still thinking that smoke cannot solely be the incriminating papers which the Italian Lord’s Anointed has happily started to burn with the blessing of  a law ad-personam, but rather tones of weeded wisdom.

Indeed, as an anthropologist whom has worked in Italy, and is going back there soon, I can say that, despite the admirable composure  and sense of responsibility of the Italian Muslim communities (which have been recently even the target of self-defined Christian terrorist groups), the anti-Semitic (yes in Italy Muslims are mainly Semitic) campaign and the continuos provocations will succeed in helping to help Berlusconi’s main dream: an Italian 9/11.  The best opportunity for the Lord’s Anointed to show his almighty power.

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  2. Re the comments– what pseudo-learning! They signify little and do not invalidate any of the points of the article.

    I doubt it is necessary to compare Italy and Saudi Arabia. Surely one hope to raise the standards of both?

    Some day perhaps Masjid Fallaci will rise in Milan. Until that day, the community is to be respected for their patience. Allah tests those whom he loves.

  3. If the Rastafarians in question were the above mentioned Muslim Baye Faal of Gambia the media coverage may or may not be as you have portrayed but rest assured that other Muslims in the UK would classify them as “zindiq” (i.e., heretics) and start making public and private statements about them not being “true” Muslims just like so many Salafists do when dealing other types of Muslims such as Ahmadis, 19ers, other Sufis. They will be bombarded with vile and hateful e-mails and pamphlets circulated in mosques will be easily available. Be assurd that “dicreet’ face-to-face encounters will ensue and if they have a mosque (or tarika) of their that it will either be slowly closed down or bought out by well-financed Islamic groups like a corporate buyout spree. The link that you provide about the practices of the Baye Faal will be highlighted in many a diatribe and passing as a sermon amongst the “believers”.

    Forswearing religious piety by performing hard physical work as a sign of total submission to the imam and not praying or fasting is very haram. It is bida’a (innovation) that takes one away from worshipping Allah by not practicing any of the 5 Pillars of Islam. This is a “no can do” and will really enrage the “extremists” who have the backing of Islamic texts behind them. Not these heretics who insist that “hard work and total submission to a sheik and in themselves sufficient in themselves to guarantee accession to paradise after death”. that’s more than enough to set a few heads rolling.

  4. Gabriele, is it not fair to say that there is no freedom of religion in the Islamic world? I.e. Death penalty for apostasy and how many Churches are their built for Christians in Saudi Arabia? Let’s hope that your call for accommodation for Muslim beliefs is reciprocated by Muslims equitable treatment for non Muslims in the Muslim world and Churches built in Saudi? We both know unfortunately that is unlikely happen.

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