Is still Bush speaking to God?

An intelligent guy The BBC has started an interesting project focusing on the disastrous war in Iraq. In one its web pages it is monitoring the effects of the war, week by week, by looking at casualty figures, the pressure on hospitals and quality of life for ordinary civilians.

The war in Iraq has been a disaster; Bush gifts Americans and British people with grief and a dark future of fear, and the Iraqi people with genocide and a multilateral civil war. The only happy guy, were he not dead, would be Mr Osama bin-Laden, who would have seen his corporation and franchise of terror wealthy as never before. But we know that the Bush family is very used to exchange gifts with the bin-Ladens. It is a long tradition, which this time, probably, has its Freudian side.

However, if President Bush still believes that his controversial surge strategy in Iraq is succeeding, it can only mean that he is still speaking to god. Yet, as an anthropologist, I suggest that this god can only be Kūkā`ilimoku Ki`i Hulu Manu, the Hawaiian feather-headed war god.


2 thoughts on “Is still Bush speaking to God?

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  1. And I find it even more strange that anyone would still think the criminal in the white house believes in anything other than oil and money. Your naivety is dangerous.

  2. I find it strange that you understand the belief of suicide bombers in their God and you are prepared to experience where they come from. Yet you ridicule Bush’s belief in his God!

    That is why global problems cannot be solved, no one is capable of delivering the needed unbiased viewpoint.

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